Würth Winter Essentials

Würth Winter Essentials

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Screenwash Additive: 
screen wash concentrate with anti-freeze protection for all year round performance. prevents freezing of screen and headlight washer systems. special cleaning formulation ensures crystal clear visibility even with stubborn winter dirt, such as road salt residue and oily road dirt. 

Contains calcium inhibitors. Does not affect polycarbonate lens covers, paint or rubber. Pleasant citrus fragrance. 

Super De-Icer Spray:
Removes ice and hard frost from vehicle windows. Ensures a clear view and prevents windows icing up again. 
Material compatible with paint, rubber and polycarbonate glass. Citrus fresh. 

Microfiber Professional Cloth:
Extremely effective cleaning power, removes dust and fine dirt, as well as coarse and greasy dirt through wet/dry use.
Does not leave behind scratch marks Washable up to 60°, Do not wash with fabric softener, Air-dry after use.

Ice Scraper:
With stable edge for effortless removal of ice.

Arctic Trucks Mug 

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