Lazer Lamps Neoprene Impact Cover (Linear)

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Lazer Lamps Neoprene Impact Cover (Linear)

Made from high-tech impact resistant & washable neoprene, Lazer Lamps LED light bar neoprene covers are available for our Triple-R and Linear range. Secured using high strength Velcro pads, the covers are easy to fit and remove, ensuring your lighting investment remains in perfect condition whenever not in use. The cleverly designed covers also have the benefit of significantly reducing wind noise which can come from some bigger light bars when mounted above the windscreen.

Please note: Do not use the neoprene cover while the lamps are turned on or powered on.

Made from waterproof and impact resistant, washable neoprene

Secure fixing with high-strength velcro pads

Reduces wind noise which can affect some light installations

Quick & easy to fit and remove

Available in 7 different sizes for Linear:

6 LED – 232mm wide

12 LED – 382mm wide

18 LED – 532mm wide

24 LED – 682mm wide

36 LED – 982mm wide

42 LED – 1132mm wide

48 LED – 1282mm wide