Tracker S5 Plus

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Tracker S5 Plus

Vehicle theft affects thousands of people each year, but the impact is wider than just losing your vehicle. There are both financial and emotional consequences:
Loss of an irreplaceable vehicle
Loss of insurance excess
Loss of no-claims bonus
Vehicle hire costs
Insurance settlement delays
Insurance premium uplift
Cherished plate re-registration delay
Personal inconvenience and distress

S5 Plus
S5 Plus meets the vehicle insurance requirements by operating to the Thatcham Category S5 standard. S5 Plus is designed to identify whether a driver is authorised to use the vehicle via driver tags. If a tag is not present when the vehicle is started, an alert will be generated and you will be contacted. S5 Plus combines VHF with GPS and GSM technology, making this system far more resilient to jamming attacks. This premium stolen vehicle recovery system is compatible with all hybrid and electric cars offering features including unauthorised driver and vehicle movement alerts as well as vehicle battery disconnection alerts. Tracker Touch, an easy-to-use app is available. S5 Plus offers additional features via the Tracker Touch app - features such as geofence alert, system health check and vehicle battery health.

Features of S5 Plus

4-way location tracking with our military-grade patented VHF and unique MESH technology; also incorporates GPS and GSM location tracking allowing the police to track stolen assets even when concealed in metal containers, lock-ups or underground car parks

Unauthorised driver alert with Driver ID tags Compatible with all hybrid and electric cars Vehicle battery disconnect alert
Back-up battery in the event of theft
Nationwide support from all UK police forces
Unique tracking that is not affected by criminals'
GPS/GSM signal jammers
Europe-wide coverage
Access to Tracker Touch app

Vehicle tracking at the touch of a button
Access additional S5 Plus features, such as geofence alerts, location log and battery health, via the Tracker Touch app.
Tracker Touch is a free, easy to use app that brings the power of S5 Plus to the palm of your hand. Stay connected and in control, with 24/7 visibility of your vehicle’s location and the ability to manage your account.