Joolca Off-Grid Plumbing - Portable 12V Pump kit

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Joolca Off-Grid Plumbing - Portable 12V Pump kit

Providing a full 6L/min, this powerful 12V pump self-primes up to 1.8m and can push water some 30 metres up a slope. It comes with a weighted two-stage water filter, runs dry without damage, and is automatically activated when you flick the shower or faucet switch. 0% worries. 100% convenience.


Get connected in the bush
Constructed from stainless steel and tough ABS plastic, the intake is sturdy enough to be thrown into shallow creeks and rivers. An integrated sinker keeps it submerged, whilst a collar and two-stage filter keeps debris out. To clean the filter, simply untwist the cover and pull apart, then flush out with water before putting back together.

Superior output
Self-priming to 1.8m, 30m reach, 6L/min flow rate 

Superior filtering
Debris collar and washable two-stage filter

Runs dry without damage
Set-and-forget pump

Leave pump out to do its work

Integrated sinker
Keeps intake hose submerged

Fully automatic
Controlled by in-line switch on shower or faucet

Compatible with tanks and jerry cans
Compact filter fits narrow container openings 

Safe power
Rubberised 12V battery and lighter port leads