ARB Baserack 2125x1285 Land Rover Defender 110 2020+

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ARB Baserack 2125x1285 Land Rover Defender 110 2020+

Ultra sleek, boasting a super low mounting profile and lightweight design, the BASE Rack provides unmatched simplicity, flexibility and personalisation in your roof rack set-up.

Features And Benefits

  • Unique dovetail mounting extrusion – gives great flexibility and speed in accessory placement and attachment
  • Ultra-sleek, low-profile design – reduces wind noise, for a quiet and relaxing journey
  • Internal bracing  – greatly adds to the overall strength without adding external dimensions 
  • Fully welded construction – offering a strong and reliable build you can depend on 
  • Removable UV-resistant aluminium corners caps – allow access to channel for installing hidden cables
  • Compatible with most existing T-slot accessories

High-Grade Aluminium 

ARB's BASE Rack is manufactured using fully welded extruded aluminium and has lateral cross beams with enough intergeated strength that a subframe is not necessary. The absence of a subframe means the rack can be mounted closer to the roof of the vehicle for a much lower profile, yet the high-quality aluminium BASE Rack still offers the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight.

Dovetail Mounting System

One of the main standout features of the ARB BASE Rack is the dovetail accessory mounting system. The dovetail groove can be found on both sides of each lateral cross beam, as well as around the external perimeter beams. There’s a wide range of clamp mounts designed specifically to attach to the dovetail for easy fitment of various accessories. 

What About Wind Noise? 

During the design process, ARB’s team of engineers undertook extensive testing when it came to the concept of running the internal beams perpendicular to the vehicle. This has taken away concern of increased wind noise, as it was found that not only is the BASE rack extremely strong – it’s also quiet!

The wind noise testing revealed that the majority of cabin noise from roof racks comes from only the very front perimeter cross-section, and this was very easily overcome with a formed wind-deflector which mounts on the underside of the rack on wagons with blade mounts.

The result? A very relaxed and quiet roof rack experience!